Nano fat grafting often referred to as micro fat grafting, is a specialized technique in which small amounts of fat are removed from a patient’s body and injected into another area. The word “nano” is used because this technique is suited only for areas with very refined contours, such as the face. Nano fat grafting is an excellent procedure to remedy fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. Nano fat grafting has been shown to have beneficial effects in the treatment of scars, wrinkles, face uplifting and skin discolorations.

Nano Fat Grafting medically referred to as an autologous fat transplantation or micro-lipoinjection, nano fat grafting is a cosmetic facial procedure that enhances the plumpness and volume of the face by using fat from donor sites. This is a great alternative to dermal fillers and injections of foreign substances, which can often cause a patient to have allergic reactions. Fat injections are done with purified fat from your own body, so there is no risk of an allergy. This procedure can be used to fill out nasolabial folds, smooth out wrinkles and increase the roundness of your skin. Wrinkles and creases often develop as a result of age or sun exposure. Nano fat transfers can improve the elasticity of your skin and make you appear more youthful.

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Nano Fat Grafting is specified for rejuvenate periorbital area cause of a higher concentration of stem cells and growth factors in thin fat than the ordinary fat graft. Nanofat to the lower eyelids is an especially rejuvenative procedure because it provides both volume and growth factors to the thin skin surrounding it. The fat fills in the lines and wrinkles. Fat grafting is increasingly being used for rejuvenation or augmentation of several areas of the body, the most common being the breast, buttocks, hands and face. It has the benefit of being fully autologous (no risk of hypersensitivity reactions), and once vascularised (capillary ingrowth has been completed) there is an extremely low risk for infection. To ensure you are receiving the highest level of care, seek out a modernly trained, dermatologist or dermatologic surgeon, who has fellowship degree. For these patients, dermatologists at DERMESTHETIC be advised to consult for better results.

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We at DERMESTHETIC at Sialkot & Lahore, Pakistan, have highly qualified Dermatologists who are expert in Nano Fat Grafting. You can address two problems at once if you are already thinking about getting liposuction in a certain area of your body. This outpatient procedure can be performed under a local anesthetic and utilizes a small cannula attached to a syringe to harvest the fat from other areas of your body, such as your midsection or thighs. Once the fat is suctioned from the donor site, it goes through a filtration process to remove any impurities. Once it is filtered, it is reintroduced into the target areas and is injected just underneath the skin. The process is repeated as necessary until achieves the desired results. Most patients require only one treatment to reach the desired improvement.


We at DERMESTHETIC at Sialkot & Lahore, Pakistan, have experienced dermatologists and cosmetologists treating the skin. Nano fat grafting is a safe, effective solution compared to more traditional methods for the same purpose. Other methods include using fillers to treat lines, wrinkles and under eye circles. However, with nano fat grafting the results last longer, there is no chance of allergic reaction from foreign substances and it can be combined with a liposuction procedure. For large volume fat harvest (such as for breast or buttock augmentation) several dedicated systems are available for efficient harvest of large quantities of lipoaspirate. Fat grafting has been gaining attention in tissue augmentation over the past decade, not only for lipofilling, but also for its observed regenerative properties and overall skin texture improvement.

Nano fat grafting is an excellent procedure because it is so diverse in its treatment options. Facial fat grafting offers an exciting alternative to traditional filler materials when considering facial rejuvenation. It has the additional benefits of being fully autologous, permanent, and seems to have a direct antiageing effect on the skin and soft tissues. Individuals can choose nano fat grafting for very minor fine line corrections or to restore the appearance of an entire area, such as the eyes. Because this procedure is so wide-ranging in its application, there is no set cost. Scheduling a consultation with consultant dermatologists at DERMESTHETIC at Sialkot & Lahore, Pakistan is the best way to determine the cost of your desired procedural outcome.

Nano Fat Grafting Procedure

Nanofat was prepared by a standard emulsification and filtration protocol. The resulting liquid was injected intra-dermally or directly into the scar tissue. Nano fat grafting is a fast procedure done by specialist dermatologist or plastic surgeon on an outpatient basis. Using only local anesthetic as a numbing agent, our doctor begins the fat transfer process. A tiny needle attached to a syringe is injected into an area with excess fat, like the buttocks or abdomen, and then the fat is separated from excess fluids. Next, a clean needle and syringe with the fat is injected into the area to be treated, such as the crow’s feet.

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Risks of Nano Fat Grafting

As with all injectables, there is the risk of embolism if the fat is injected directly into a vessel with ophthalmic artery embolism being the foremost concern. The use of a blunt tipped cannula and injecting only when withdrawing the cannula mitigates against such complications,17 but in the event of concern immediate contact with the nearest ophthalmic surgery emergency facility is mandatory. Trauma to the surrounding facial structures (nerves, vessels and the eye itself) resultant from the cannula is possible but careful, gentle technique renders this an unlikely eventuality.

Side Effects

Nanofat injections might become a new concept in the lipofilling area. In clinical situations, nanofat seems to be suitable for skin rejuvenation purposes. Adipose-derived stem cells were still richly present in the nanofat sample. Cell cultures showed an equal proliferation and differentiation capacity of the stem cells. No infections, fat cysts, granulomas, or other unwanted side effects were observed. Trauma to the surrounding facial structures (nerves, vessels and the eye itself) resultant from the cannula is possible but careful, gentle technique renders this an unlikely eventuality. The most common complication is loss of graft volume. However, as stated above, meticulous harvest and injection techniques helps to reduce the rate of graft loss. In treated areas may appear small bruises that autorisolvono within a few days. During the treatment, you will be awake and experiencing only very mild discomfort. Some patients, due to excessive skin reactivity can develop reddened scars, enlarged or hypertrophic.

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